ACV Heatmaster TC Evo 120Kw

heatmaster 120 tc evo
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Heatmaster TC Evo Condensing Boiler 120kW

Heatmaster TC Evo Condensing Boiler 120kW

Combined gas fired condensing boiler and water heater with stainless steel heat exchanger.

  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Tank-in-Tank technology
  • Nat Gas and LPG
  • Heating and hot water from one unit saves space, reduces energy use and speeds up installation
  • Operates in most efficient mode (condensing) for both heating and hot water
  • Low maintenance with no anode protection required
  • Reduces legionella risk due to temperature stored at > 60°C
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel heat exchanger and tank reduces maintenance and increases system lifespan
  • Suited to high demand and critical hot water premises such as hotels and hospitals
  • Easy to use standardised controls using ACVMax control system
  • Combine with Prestige® heat only boilers or Smart cylinder for highly efficient heating and hot water performance all from one manufacturer
  • Suitable for vented or unvented systems (optional unvented kit required)
  • Supplied with LPG kit for simple on-site conversion
  • Improved access for service and maintenance
  • Supplied with factory fitted T&P relief valve
Constructive characteristics   HeatMaster 120 TC Evo
Capacity (total) L 315
Capacity (primary) L 125
Capacity (domestic hot water) L 190
Capacity expansion tank(s) L -
Chimney: Max pressure drop in flue pipe Pa 170
Chimney: max length of concentric flue pipe m 21
Chimney connection Ømm 100/150
Connection - heating Ø" 1 ½ F
Connection - DHW Ø" 1 M
Connection gas Ø" 3/4 M
Connection - safety valve Ø" 1/2 M
Max operating temperature °C 87
Water pressure drop boiler at Δt = 20°C mbar 27
Max service pressure heating (primary) bar 3
Max service pressure (DHW) bar 8,6
Height when tilted mm 2270
Weight (empty) kg 299
Heating characteristics   HeatMaster 120 TC Evo
Pre-heating time from 10 to 80°C (Heat source: boiler) min 23
Reheat time from 40 to 90°C min 30
Reheat time from 40 to 80°C min 15
Heating time from 10 to 90°C min 38
Combustion   HeatMaster 120 TC Evo
Input max (heating) HCV kW 127,7
Input max (heating) LCV kW 115
Combustion efficiency % 97,5
Efficiency at 30% load (EN677) % 108
Efficiency at 100% load (50/30°C) % 105,8
Efficiency (max output) 80/60°C % 97
Efficiency (min output) 80/60°C % 97,1
Efficiency DHW mode ΔT 30K % 102,2
CO emissions max output ppm 50
CO emissions min output ppm 4
Mass rate of combustion products (gas) kg/h 183
NOx weighted (GCV) (EN15502) mg/kWh 39,8
NOx class (EN15502)   6
Output power max (80/60°C) kW 111,7
Output power min (80/60°C) kW 22,9
Gas flow rate (min output) m³/h 2,45
Domestic hot water performance   HeatMaster 120 TC Evo
Peak flow at 40°C L/10’ 900
Peak flow 1st hour at 40°C L/60’ 3620
Continuous flow at 40°C L/h 3402
Peak flow at 45°C L/10’ 676
Peak flow 1st hour at 45°C L/60’ 3098
Continuous flow at 45°C L/h 2928
Peak flow at 60°C L/10’ 440
Peak flow 1st hour at 60°C L/60’ 1847
Continuous flow at 60°C L/h 1754
Electrical Characteristics   HeatMaster 120 TC Evo
Voltage V 230
Frequency Hz 50
Protection IP   20
Electrical consumption W 327
Electrical power requirements A 2
Eco Design Fields   HeatMaster 120 TC Evo
Space heating energy efficiency class   A
Seasonal space heating efficiency (35°C) % 92
Declared load profile   XXL
Water heating energy efficiency class   A
Water heating energy efficiency [ηwh] (EU 814/2013 Art 2 (15) Ann.IV-3) % 85
Sound power level indoors LWA dB 62
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