Warmup Patio Heater with Wall Mounting

Warmup Patio Heater with Wall Mounting
Warmup Patio Heaters come complete with Wall Mounting brackets. They are an ecological alternative to traditional fuel-based outdoor heating equipment. Warmup Patio Heaters produce a high quantity of warmth, without the adverse effects of polluting, noxious gas. Warmup Electric Patio Heaters produce a soft, gentle light - perfect for cosy outdoor dinners for you and your guests.

Warmup Electric Patio Heater Features:
- Wall mounted or flexible positioning with the handy tripod. Direct the warmth exactly where you need it.
- Waterproof & dustproof (IP65 rated). Safe to use outdoors in any weather.
- 5 x Cheaper than gas! - Your typical 11kw Gas Heater costs 70p/hr. Warmup Patio Heater costs 14.08p/hr!
- 5000 hr guarantee! *(equates to approx. 20 years under normal domestic use!)
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SKU WPH-1760
Brand Warmup
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