Warmup HydroPack Installation Kit

Warmup HydroPack Installation Kit
Warmup HydroPack Installation Kit - All-in-one Floor Heating Kit.

The Warmup HydroPack is a kit for fast and easy wet underfloor heating installation and it comes with everything you need to install the system in hours. It is an ideal solution for small projects of 22m² or less (additional products are available for larger rooms), providing a maximum heat output of up to 3kW.

All the components are compatible and from a single source, packaged in one convenient kit for fast and easy installation with no need to source the components separately. As with all hydronic systems, check that the heat source is compatible with an underfloor heating system and has the sufficient capacity to supply sufficient energy for the Hydropack and other system requirements.

Warmup hydropack system kit comes with the following components:
1 x 120m Coil of PE-RT Pipe
1 x Single Room Pump/Mixing Control Unit
2 x Compression Fittings
1 x Warmup 3iE™ Room Thermostat
600 x Pipe Clips
1 x Pair of Pipe Cutters
1 x PTFE Thread Seal Tape
1 x Installation Instructions
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