Warmup Dual Overlay System

Warmup Dual Overlay System
Warmup Dual Overlay System is a free-floating system designed for use over the Warmup Foil Heaters and Insulated Underlay. It provides a smooth and seamless subfloor, making it ideal for floor coverings such as carpet, vinyl and linoleum. The low heat resistance allows heat to pass through the floor evenly, without compromising the efficiency. Installation is quick, clean and dry, making it an easier option for installers as there is no need for self-levelling compound. Additionally, it protects the electric heating wire from damage if flooring is not laid immediately. The Dual Overlay system cannot be used in wet areas such as bathrooms. It consists of a base board and a top board supplied with contact adhesive, bonding them together to make one solid 7mm subfloor. Covers an area of 2.88 m2.
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