Ultraheat HE Standard Dual Fuel Heat Element

Ultraheat HE Standard Dual Fuel Heat Element

Ultraheat HE heating element range is available in a wide range of outputs and is a basic no-nonsense element suitable.

With a standard heating element the wattage of the element is matched according to the size of the radiator.

It will then heat the liquid inside the radiator and the heat is dispersed by the surface area of the radiator.

It has the protection of a thermal ‘cut out’ should the element become too hot, however there is no control over the radiator or the room temperature.

This product when purchased with the required Ultraheat Rail will upgrade the rail from a hydronic unit to a rail that can be used with your central heating system or an electric unit.

Please refer to your towel rail to see which output is required or get in touch if unsure. Supplied complete with T Piece. Complete with 1.5m Cable Length.

Model Description Rod Length
HE90 90 Watt 205mm
HE150 150 Watt 300mm
HE300 300 Watt 450mm
HE400 400 Watt 550mm
HE600 600 Watt 760mm
HE900 900 Watt 1150mm
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