TRC Ancona Made to Order 4 Column 400mm High Radiators in RAL Colours

TRC Ancona Made to Order 4 Column 400mm High Radiators in RAL Colours

The Radiator Company Ancona Made to Order steel multi column radiator allows you maximum flexibility to create a radiator that matches your exact requirements. A vast array of over 500,000 sizes can be achieved by combining column depth, height and number of sections to achieve your desired output without compromising space. There is further flexibility due to the choice of mounting options available. The Ancona boasts the highest heat output of any multi column radiator sold in the UK. For radiators that are longer than 40 sections, a joinig key will be required on site.

All wall bracket options are included for free but please select your requirement from the drop down box above when placing your order.
Available in a wide choice of 188 RAL Colours as well as 36 Classic Colours including metallics, mottled, textured effects as well as bare metal lacquer. Galvanised finish is also available on a separate listing.

The Ancona radiator can be mounted in five different ways; for a contemporary look choose Welded Feet; for a classic look choose Cast Feet; or by selecting Wall Brackets you can position your steel multi column at any height - please select your required mounting option above. Wall Ties are included in the price and supplied as standard for all orders.

As the Ancona Made to Order range is bespoke, please allow 4 weeks for delivery of RAL Colours / Classic Colours and 6 weeks for Bare Metal Lacquer. This range is considered a Special Order product line as it is made specifically to your requirements and as such is non-returnable. The Radiator Company Ancona is also available from stock in white finish for the more popular sizes with delivery usually being within 3-5 working days - Please see our separate listings.

There are so many size options within the Ancona Made to Order range that we can't possibly list them all! so please get in touch if you can't see the size that you require.


PLEASE NOTE: Lengths quoted have been calculated at 45mm per section plus an allowance of 24mm for bushes.

Radiators longer than 40 sections will need to be joined on site using a joining tool that The Radiator Company call a Nippling Tool. Please see link below to purchase this tool as well as your radiator if purchasing a radiator longer than 40 sections.

Model No of Sects Width (mm) Watts 50 degrees Btu's 50 degrees
ANCO4C40R/10 10 474 540 1840
ANCO4C40R/13 13 609 702 2392
ANCO4C40R/19 19 879 1026 3496
ANCO4C40R/23 23 1059 1242 4232
ANCO4C40R/29 29 1329 1566 5336
ANCO4C40R/36 36 1644 1944 6624
ANCO4C40R/40 40 1824 2160 7360
ANCO4C40R/53 53 2409 2862 9752
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Brand The Radiator Company
Columns 4 Column
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