Smiths Sureline Perimeter Skirting Heating

smiths sureline
Smiths Sureline Perimeter Skirting Heating

The Smiths Sureline Low Perimeter Skirting Heating System provides a gentle, discreet and efficient low-level warmth and is the ideal heating solution for areas where wall space is limited - rooms such as showrooms, waiting areas or conservatories. Simple to install along the skirting in any room, Smiths Sureline is an efficient natural convector that provides discreet heating.

Connects to and runs from your central heating system (22mm pipe work).
Minimum clearance above floor 50mm.
Flow and return connections 22mm copper.
Designed for system pressures up to 10 bar.
Suitable for two pipe central heating systems only.
Outer casing 0.7mm zinc coated steel - Polyester powder-coated.
White Fnish.
5 year guarantee.
Heating output based on average water temp of 50 degrees C per 1 metre length of two pipe supplies

Flow Rate (litres per hour) Length Watts 50 degrees Btu's 50 degrees
920 1 Metre 380 1310
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