Reina Vicari Vertical Aluminium Radiator

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Reina Vicari Vertical Aluminium Radiator

Reina Vicari Vertical Aluminium Radiator. Reina Vicari Radiators are made from aluminium offering a light weight radiator with impressive heating performance.

Available in a white textured and anthracite textured finish.

Suitable for Central Heating Systems only. 5 Year Guarantee Delivery usually available within 1 - 2 working days.

Model Reference Height (mm) Width (mm) Tube Qty Wall Distance (mm) Reina Output Btus 70 deg Reina Output Watts 70 deg UK Standard Output Btus 50 deg UK Standard Output Watts 50 deg
A-VCR180030S 1800 300 3 65 4639 1360 2995 878
A-VCR180040S 1800 400 4 65 6165 1808 3980 1167
A-VCR180050S 1800 500 5 65 7706 2260 4975 1459
A-VCR180030D 1800 300 6 86 7144 2095 4612 1352
A-VCR180040D 1800 400 8 86 9494 2784 6129 1797
A-VCR180050D 1800 500 10 86 11868 3480 7661 2246

Confused by the difference between the Reina Outputs and the UK Standard Outputs indicated above? Heat outputs are shown in both Watts and BTUs (British Thermal Units). All outputs are based on the system’s likely operating temperature and is usually shown as Delta T 50 Degrees which is the current European and UK Rating. Historically, the UK rating was calculated at Delta T 60 Degrees. We generally display the output calculated at Delta T 50 Degrees. However, Reina calculate and illustrate their outputs based on Delta T 70 Degrees. The result of this is that their outputs appear artificially higher than other manufacturers. This could potentially result in our customers purchasing a radiator that does not achieve the heat output that is required. As a consequence, we display Reina's output (as featured in their brochure) at Delta T 70 as well as the UK Standard Output calculated at Delta T 50. If you are trying to achieve a certain output, it is most probable that you will need to refer to the UK Standard outputs on the table above but if you are unsure, please check with your installer.

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