Radiator Pipe Sleeve Kit - Chrome

SLEEVE-130-C 300-C
Radiator Pipe Sleeve Kit - Chrome
Chrome Pipe Sleeve Kit consisting of two pipe covers and two floor plates to shroud the straight pipework leading to you radiator.

Available in a choice of two lengths - please select required length from drop down list above.

Ref: SLEEVE-130-C - 130mm set
Ref: SLEEVE-300-C - 300mm set

12 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Floor plate diameter: 44mm
Pipe diameter: 18mm (to fit over 15mm / 10mm / 8 mm pipework)
Constructed from solid brass.

Rigid sleeve kit for finishing up unsightly copper pipe work during radiator installation, from wall or floor to radiator valves. Achieve the perfect look with this superior quality product. Can be cut down to required length.
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Brand Inspired Heating
SKU SLEEVE-130-C 300-C
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