Oso Super Xpress SX VIP Direct Unvented Cylinders

Oso Super Xpress SX VIP Direct Unvented Cylinders
Oso Super Xpress SX VIP Cylinders - Pre-plumbed high output direct unvented cylinder

The new Oso SUPER XPRESS SX VIP has a unique pre-plumbed patented design making the installation quick and efficient; with concealed cable routing, integral expansion vessels and all the pipework connections on top of cylinder hidden under a lid.

Oso Super Xpress SX is insulated with award-winning OSO Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) technology, ensuring reduced heat loss and energy consumption. In addition, the OSO SX has up to 20% higher hot water capacity than the competition, making it possible to choose a lower volume cylinder thus saving on both cost and energy usage. Downsizing also saves space and improves the already low heat loss figure, helping with SAP/part L compliance.

Oso SX VIP to 210 litres can share a footprint with a washing machine, using additional washing machine frame.


20% MORE HOT WATER than other cylinders enabling cylinder to be downsized
Downsizing reduces heat loss figure
Integral expansion vessels
Practically pre-plumbed unit
Labour saving up to 70%
Shortest cylinder system on the market
Unique patented design with a 25 year warranty
Pipes and cables hidden
Fitting template provided
Easy installation

For further technical specifications please see table illustration above.

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