OSO Super Coil SC Indirect Unvented Cylinders

OSO Super Coil SC Indirect Unvented Cylinders

SUPER series has a unique, integrated expansion solution, with all components factory fitted, drastically reducing installation time and making it a pre-plumbed cylinder. All valves, pipes, expansion vessels and electric cables are integrated into the patented SUPER series design, hiding them from view. The SUPER series is extremely lightweight and space efficient and can often be fitted in an airing cupboard above a washing machine.

SUPER COIL - SC - is a virtually pre-plumbed cylinder for a system boiler and can also be linked to a heat only boiler. Smooth piped, scale-resistant heating coil ensuring efficient heat transfer. SUPER COIL comes standard with ultra-grade INCOTEC immersion heater as back-up which can be connected to PV panels. All pipings, line strainer, T&P, exp. relief, PRV and mixing valves are all integrated and factory-fitted in a single valve set. Coil flow & return also connects from the top, rear of the cylinder. The SUPER COIL comes standard with a dedicated secondary return, and boasts impressive heat loss, heat-up and recovery times.

SUPER DESIGN - All connections hidden
NANOPUR - High-grade insulation
ULTRAWELD - Superior corrosion resistance
INCOTEC - High durability in hard water
SMOOTH-COIL - No limescale build-up

Mixing valve - Preset 60 °C
Thermostat - Adjustable 40-70 °C—?Preset 60 °C
T&P relief valve - 10 bar—90-95°C
Integrated G3 kit - Strainer / PRV / exp.relief / drain cock / tundish
Motorized valve - Honeywell V4043H1056C
Expansion vessel - 12 L supplied factory fitted

Model Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg) Packaging (mm)
SC 120 580 870 27 595×595×890
SC 150 580 1050 31 595×595×1055
SC 180 580 1160 35 595×595×1165
SC 210 580 1300 39 595×595×1305
SC 250 580 1500 44 595×595×1555
SC 300 580 1750 51 595×595×1755

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