Oso Delta Coil DC A Rated Indirect Unvented Cylinders

Oso Delta Coil DC A Rated Indirect Unvented Cylinders
Oso Delta Coil DC A Rated Indirect Unvented Cylinders

OSO Delta is a full range of "A" rated unvented hot water cylinders which sets new standards for energy efficiency and heat loss. Delta is available from January 2016 at "A" rating up to 300 litres capacity.

Indirect hot water cylinders are now energy rated according to their standing heat loss, thus measuring the effectiveness of insulation. Delta efficiency will save householders 1kWh every day in heat loss in the most popular 210litre size against a modern C rated cylinder, 1.5kWh per day against a D rated cylinder. Against older cylinders the heat loss should be even more dramatic.

The cylinder boasts very low heat losses through use of the latest generation of foam insulation. The heat loss performance, which is considerably better than most competitors, not only save householders on their energy bills, but also assists housebuilders to achieve ever more stringent energy efficiency requirements.

OSO Delta is the culmination of years of R & D to produce the most energy efficient cylinder possible. Delta uses a completely new method of heat loss reduction to complement factory fitted poly-eurethane foam.

Delta is a very space efficient cylinder and will be available in capacities up to 300 litres in sizes that will all fit in a standard UK airing cupboard.

Delta is available in indirect units for boiler and heat pump and twin coil for solar thermal. It is also available as a pre-plumbed unit, popular with house builders.

Delta is supplied with a digital adjustable thermostat with anti-legionella and holiday modes.
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