Gledhill Envirofoam Copper Indirect Vented Cylinder

Gledhill Envirofoam Copper Indirect Vented Cylinder
Gledhill Copper Envirofoam Indirect Open Vented Cylinders.


Manufactured to BS1566 and 2017 ErP compliant, these cylinders have strong environmental credentials including:

• Industry leading 35mm HCFC free insulation
• Exceptionally low standing heat loss
• Insulation incorporates Polyol which is derived from rapeseed oil - a fully renewable resource, with an industry leading Global Warming Potential of 0.7
• With a copper internal cylinder, the product is fully recyclable at the end of its working life
• Manufactured at 8 locations in the UK, the cylinders have a lower carbon footprint derived from transportation than is typical in the industry

As well as being the most attractive open vented copper cylinder available on the market, you will also benefit from:
• 25 minute recovery time
• Easy access to immersion heater boss
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