Gledhill Torrent Stainless SP SOL Solar Thermal Store Cylinder

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Gledhill Torrent Stainless SP SOL Solar Thermal Store Cylinder

The Torrent Stainless SP SOL has been designed to enable the homeowner to utilise available energy from solar, a wood burning or solid fuel boiler as a heat source. The Torrent Stainless SP SOL then reverts to the energy provided by a conventional boiler once the energy from the alternative energy sources has been used.

Hot water and heating:
The Torrent Stainless SP SOL provides high-performance mains pressure hot water via a highly efficient plate heat exchanger.
The central heating circuit is normally supplied directly from the boiler although an auxiliary heating circuit can be connected from the store in which case the solid fuel source will provide energy to the auxiliary heating circuit. Obviously, the energy output that can be provided by the auxiliary heating circuit will be limited to the energy input from the solid fuel appliance.
This sealed primary (SP) model permits the use of a smaller feed and expansion tank because the main central heating circuit does not need to be catered for. This can make positioning the F&E tank more straightforward.

Electric back-up:
An immersion element is provided, and it is normally envisaged that this will be used as an emergency electric back-up for hot water and to provide emergency energy to the auxiliary heating circuit. However, if a low carbon or renewable electricity source is available then this could be connected to the immersion element to provide heat input to the thermal store, decreasing the use of the fossil fuel boiler and hence reducing running costs.

Features and Benefits:
- Specifically designed for use with solar thermal panels.
- Sealed primary boiler connections as standard.
- 3kW immersion heater for emergency back-up.
- Utilises solid fuel connections.
- Provides mains pressure hot water.
- Blanking caps supplied.
- Where there is no solar input, the coils can be connected to maximise heat input, reducing reheat time.

Description Height (mm) Diameter (mm) Volume Max Flow Rate Maximum Dwelling Type
TST150-SPSOL 1118mm 550mm 148L 26.5 1 Bath, 1-2 Bed,
TST180-SPSOL 1306mm 550mm 178L 26.5 1 Bath, 2-3 Bed,
TST210-SPSOL 1494mm 550mm 208L 26.5 1 Bath, 1 Shower, 2-3 Bed,
TST250-SPSOL 1744mm 550mm 248L 26.5 2 Bath, 1 Shower, 3-4 Bed,
TST350-SPSOL 1765mm 630mm 345L 26.5 2 Bath, 2 Shower, 4-5 Bed,
• Additional height for feed and expansion tank will need to be allowed if it is to be sited in the same cupboard.
• Vent pipes shown through the side of the feed and expansion tank may not be suitable for all systems. Installers must check suitability.
• The standard open vented store relies on a feed and expansion tank suitably sited above the highest radiator point to provide sufficient head for the system connected to the store. As the domestic hot water is at mains pressure, the Torrent Stainless SP Sol itself can be sited anywhere in the property.
• The Torrent Stainless SP Sol can be installed as a standard ‘S’ plan or ‘Y’ plan. The benefit of this is more flexibility on the location of the feed and expansion tank. However, when installed this way the central heating output will not gain heat from the solar thermal input to the thermal store.
• The feed and expansion tank must be sized to take the water expansion of the whole system (ie. solid fuel boiler, cylinder, open flue boiler and auxiliary heating).
• The feed and expansion tank is not supplied as standard with the unit, but is available as an optional extra at the time of order.
• For all solid fuel applications, copper feed and expansion tanks are required and are available as an optional extra at the time of order.
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