Gledhill Sunspeed 2 Twin Coil Vented Cylinders

Gledhill Sunspeed 2 Twin Coil Vented Cylinders

Gledhill Sunspeed 2 Twin Coil Vented Cylinders.

SunSpeed is a domestic hot water cylinder designed for use with solar panels. It is a copper cylinder with two heat exchangers, one for solar input and one for a boiler input.

The SunSpeed is an open vented cylinder which makes the location of the cylinder more flexible because the cylinder does not require a safety discharge pipe.

The dedicated solar volumes range from 34% to 49% with the majority exceeding 40% enabling the best use of the solar panels. These dedicated solar volumes allow maximum suitable solar panels surface area from 2.9m2 to 5.0m2. The surface area of the solar heat exchanger coil is designed to exceed Building Regulations requirements.

The boiler coil comes into play in the cooler months of the year as the solar input diminishes. A correctly sized cylinder will ensure enough hot water is available to the householder during these months as the dedicated solar volume will not be heated by the boiler. The boiler coil is sized appropriately to the cylinder and gives a recovery time of less than 26 minutes with sizes to meet all regulations.

Please note delivery approx 7-10 working days


• 2017 ErP compliant
• Compression fittings
• 10 year warranty
• Low standing heat loss
• 100% recyclable

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