Gledhill Stainless ES Indirect Unvented Cylinders

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Gledhill Stainless ES Indirect Unvented Cylinders

Gledhill Stainless ES Indirect Hot Water Cylinder


Cylinder heated by a boiler indirectly plus immersion heater

Delivers mains pressure hot water, enabling high flow rates for showers and baths without the need for a boost pump

40mm insulation to reduce heat loss

Insulation thickness is 40mm

Recycled materials used in construction

Cylinder is supplied with plain pipe connections suitable for use with compression fittings

3 bar Pre-charged Expansion Vessel

3 bar inlet group c/w balance cold supply

Expansion vessel connection and expansion valve set at 4.5 bar

Maximum working pressure : 3 bar

Opening temperature of P & T Relief Valve 95 degree C

Energy cut-out thermostat setting 82 degree C

Manufactured in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 12897

Supplied with full NSF WRC and WRAS independent approvals

The unvented cylinder is manufactured from highly corrosion-resistant duplex stainless steel

Supplied with 25 year guarantee from manufacturer

Components supplied with Stainless ES:
• Cold water inlet PRV combination valve/expansion relief
• Pressure and temperature relief valve
• Dual thermostat (Control thermostat and Energy cut-out thermostat)
• Energy cut-out motorised valve (indirects only)
• Tundish
• 3kW Immersion heater including control and cut out thermostats
• Expansion vessel/mounting bracket
• Technical/user product literature

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