Gledhill Boilermate SP Mains Pressure Thermal Store Cylinders

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Gledhill Boilermate SP Mains Pressure Thermal Store Cylinders

Gledhill Boilermate SP Thermal Store Cylinders - Mains pressure hot water thermal store

The New Gledhill BoilerMate SP replaces the previous CP model Please note this is a made to order product and delivery is usually approximately 7-10 working days. The Gledhill BoilerMate SP is an thermal store that provides mains pressure hot water. Suitable for use with central plant heating systems, with benefits including reduced pipe size and a reduction in central plant size. BoilerMate SP is fed directly by a central plant boiler, which heats the store via an internal coil. Cold mains water then passes through a plate heat exchanger and is instantaneously heated to provide mains pressure hot water. Reduction in pipe size Reduction in the central plant size Built in diversity No G3 qualification requirement for installation Gledhill BoilerMate CP thermal stores provide: - Allows for dry roof space eliminating the risk of freezing pipes/tanks in winter - Mains pressure hot water giving ‘power shower’ performance - Cylinder reheat time of approximately 20-25 minutes - Increased system efficiency, reducing running costs - No annual maintenance or safety check requirement - No G3 qualification requirement for installation - Hot water is generated by passing mains cold water through a plate heat exchanger, eliminating any risk of Legionella - Easy to install, and can be fitted to existing systems, with no requirement for pipework oversizing Gledhill BoilerMate BP thermal stores do not require any annual maintenance. As it is vented and therefore inherently safe, there is no requirement for a safety discharge, and therefore is not subject to G3 Building Control Regulations – thus simplifying installation and system maintenance enormously for the landlords or homeowners.

Description Height (mm) Dia(mm) Capacity (Litres)
BMSTSP150 1118 550 151
BMSTSP180 1306 550 181
BMSTSP210 1494 550 211

Notes: 1. The height stated is to the top of the unit plus 550mm, which should allow for a 25mm thick shelf/board and room for servicing. This will need to be increased by 125mm if the automatic fill method is chosen. 2. SP model heated from a heat source at 82.5°C at 16 l/m. 3. Full thermal store volume reheated from 35°C to 75°C. 4. Please refer to the installation manual for the minimum cupbard space requirement. This can be reduced by approximately 70mm if the insulation is removed from the plate heat exchangers.

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