Inspired 900 Central Heating Kitchen Plinth Heater with Grille

Inspired 900 Central Heating Kitchen Plinth Heater with Grille
The Inspired 900 Central Heating Kitchen Plinth Heater with Grille is a high quality heating solution for your kitchen. Using the space under the cupboards instead of taking up valuable wall area, it frees up wall space to maximise your kitchen work area.

Connecting directly to your central heating system and fitting tidily in the plinth space under a unit or cupboard, heat is circulated through a heat exchanger into the room using a low noise two-speed fan. The fan convector automatically switches on and off with the central heating system, and because it uses the central heating system is more cost effective to run than electric-only heaters. They also don’t suffer from overheating caused by a build up of dust in the same way that electric heaters do.

How it works:
The plinth heater is very easy to install and use. The unit switches itself on and off automatically when your central heating system comes on and switches off. Inside the unit is a temperature switch which detects hot water circulating through your central heating system and switches on the integral fan. When the heating system turns off and the water cools, the fan switches off again – there is no need to turn the unit on and off automatically.

If you need more heat, manually turn the fan to boost and residual hot air from the central heating system will be pushed into the room. There is also a manual override to turn off the fan if you do not require it.

What’s Included:
900 Plinth Heater unit
Coloured fascia grille
2x 700mm long 15mm flexible hoses with isolating valves
Grille screw fixing kit
Instruction Manual

Technical Information:
Unit Size: 405mm wide x 100mm high x 310mm deep
Grille Size: 600mm wide x 97mm high
DT50° Heat Output: Normal 1868 watt (6370 BTU) / Boost 2077 watt (7078 BTU)
Maximum working pressure: 10 bar (1MPa)
Water connections: 15mm compression
Electrical supply: 220-240v – 50Hz
Noise levels in accordance with EN23741
Level floor area is required under the cupboard base
Guarantee: 2 years
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Brand Inspired Heating
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