ACV SmartLine SL Commercial Hot Water Cylinder

ACV SmartLine SL Commercial Hot Water Cylinder
ACV SmartLine SL Commercial Hot Water Fast recovery Tank-in-Tank Cylinder - perfect partner to a condensing boiler

3 Sizes available:
ACV Reference: 06618594 SL320 318 Litre Capacity
ACV Reference: 06618694 SL420 413 Litre Capacity
ACV Reference: 06619301 SL600 606 Litre Capacity

Key features:
- Stainless steel construction - no annode protection required.
- High quality insulation: 50 mm rigid polyurethane.
- Easy access control pod with thermostats and six pin plug for simple electrical connection hard wearing polypropylene finish
- vented or unvented use
- Mains pressure systempak available
- Residential or commercial use
- Can be used in battery formation for higher hot water output.
- Tank-in-Tank technology

Tank-in-Tank system:
Tank-in-Tank is a heat exchanger with a built-in accumulator, made up of two concentric tanks: the inner tank contains domestic water to be reheated (secondary) and the outer tank contains the heating fluid (primary) which circulates between the two tanks and transfers its heat to the domestic water.

Hot water exchanger accumulator:
The inner tank is the heart of the tank: it is subject to the aggressiveness of the supply water, to high pressures and to variations in temperature. This tank is made of solid chromenickel
stainless steel (stainless steel 304 or duplex), fully welded under argon protection using the Tungsten Inert Gas (T.I.G.) technique.
Before assembly, the convex bottoms are pickled and passivated in order to improve the tank’s lifespan and in particular its resistance to corrosion. The shell is corrugated all the way up using an exclusive manufacturing process. This design gives considerable resistance to pressure and limits the adherence of lime scale by allowing the tank to expand and contract.

Outer tank:
The outer tank containing water from the primary circuit arriving from the boiler, is made of carbon steel STW 22.

Thermal Insulation:
This is carried out using high density injected polyurethane foam, 50 mm containing no CFCs.

The tank is covered using polypropylene, a plastic material which offers a high resistance to shocks and which is also very pleasing to the eye.

Please see image above for dimensions.

This unit is supplied as Tank Only as standard - please select any optional components from drop-down boxes above for a complete package.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery
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