ACV Etech P Electric Floor Standing Boiler

ACV Etech P
ACV Etech P Electric Floor Standing Boiler
ACV Etech P Floor Standing Electric Boiler

Floor standing, high output three phase electric boiler.
Use as a primary heat source, or emergency back up

•Ready to use.
•Four power stages - controlled by a stage delay timer
•Can easily be de-rated to provide less output if required
•Fully wired power and control circuits
•Stove enameled casing
•Control panel including thermostats, thermometer, indicators and on/off switch
•Very little maintenance required
•Heater steel STW 22 thick.
•Heating elements made of stainless steel immersed in the Incoloy 800 heating body to the front of the boiler .
•Power circuit 400 V three-phase without neutral.
•Control circuit 230 V single phase.
•Control circuit protected by an internal circuit breaker reset 3 amps.
•Each contactor supplying two sets of resistors 3 x 2.4 kW ( 14.4 kW total) is protected by a thermal magnetic circuit breaker.
•Can also be used in multiple boiler installations for higher combined output
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