3C Tanks 1200CS 1200Litre Single Skin Oil Tank

3C Tanks 1200CS 1200 Litre Single Skin Oil Tank
3C Centurion 1200CS Single Skin Oil Tanks are ideal for the safe, secure and environmentally responsible storage of heating oil when added to an existing bund or a newly constructed bund. Rotationally moulded in the United Kingdom from a high grade Polymer – MDPE, Medium Density Polyethylene which is tough, durable and UV Stabilised to prevent colour fade.

The tanks come fully assembled with an optional installation kit making the tank simple and ready to install by an approved engineer.

Please note that all 3C oil tanks should be installed by a suitably competent person in accordance with statutory requirements.

3C single skin oil tanks come with a 3 year warranty, if installed by an Oftec Approved Engineer and subsequently inspected annually by an Oftec Approved Engineer.


If purchasing one of 3C single skin oil tanks the following should be noted:

3C Trading recommends that ALL oil tank installations are bunded, in order to store oil safely and if purchasing one of our single skin range, that it is installed within an appropriate existing bund or that a bund is constructed, to meet the requirements of any local regulations and ensure compliance with the oil storage regulations.

Length: 1820mm
Width: 680mm
Height: 1410mm
Capacity: 1200 Litres / 264 Gallons
Length: 1700mm
Width: 620mm

Optional fittings kit and parts for the tank:
Atkinson Top Off-take Valve
2” BSP Atkinson Fill point with overfill valve
2 x 2 Inch Vents
Lockable Manhole Lid
Apollo Bund alarm with plug in receiver, Cable and Float Switch
Clock Gauge.
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