Grundfos Conlift Automatic Condensate Pump

Grundfos Conlift Automatic Condensate Pump
The new Grundfos CONLIFT1 is a professional, quiet compact condensate removal pump used where condensate cannot drain naturally or when the condensate source is located below the local backwater level.

All the necessary elements required for installation are included, and once installed the units operate automatically. The in-built features ensure that the unit will not start more often than required.

Installation is simplified by the inclusion of a 6m drain hose as well as the connection adaptors needed making installation simple. The smart balance system and the motor/pump unit ensure the unit can be adjusted to meet specific installation needs.

The Grubdfos CONLIFT1 includes a wired alarm contact which can be used to activate an external alarm device or to switch-off the condensate source in case of high water level inside the unit.

Typical application are for condensate from condensing boilers, chimneys, air-conditioning, dehumidifiers and refrigerators.

Features and Benefits

Very quiet and reliable operation
Maintenance free motor including thermal protection
Reduced number of starts
Up to four inlet connections
All installation material included
Suitable for pH level > 2,5 by neutralisation
IP24 splash guard
Manual test button to check operation
Very reliable float switch system
Smart inlet system with sedimentation and evaporation stop
Special shaft seal protection
Mounted non-return valve with bayonet lock for quick release
Upgrade/retrofit options
Unit with pH tester to monitor neutralisation capacity
Full Features
Brand Grundfos
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