Warmup 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat

Warmup 4iE
Warmup 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat
Warmup 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat. Controlled from a smartphone, tablet or computer, the Warmup 4iETM Smart WiFi thermostat learns how you use your heating and the unique way your house reacts. It automatically suggests ways for you to save energy, like what temperature you should set for when you’re not home and times you can turn the heating off early. The smart ways the 4iETM finds to heat your home more efficiently could save you up to £200 on the average UK energy bill. Warmup are independent from the energy suppliers so the 4iETM also works in the background to find better energy tariffs for you, which could save you up to £380 in addition to the savings you get from your lower energy usage.

Key Features and Benefits:
• Smartphone control: Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to control your heating.
• Self-adjusting: Early start technology ensures your home is at the right temperature at the right time.
• Smart Overrides: Intuitive control of your heating. No need to reprogram if your routine changes.
• WarmApps: Get apps on your 4iE like weather forecasts and travel updates to your journey.
• Photo background: The 4iE offers unique customisation by allowing you to upload a personal photo background.

Technical data:
• Input voltage : 230V +/- 15% at 50Hz
• Max output : 16A
• Dimensions : 90 x 110 x 18mm (requires 35mm deep backbox)
• Screen: 3.5” full colour touch screen
• Sensors : Supplied wtih NTC 10K floor probe (3m) & in-built air sensor
• Programming : Up to 5 comfort periods per day, with any combination of days
• In event of power failure, 4iETM will download all settings from internet when power is returned
• IP rating : IP33
• Approvals : BEAB, CE
• Guarantee : 3 years with optional Lifetime Warranty available
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