Oso Delta Twin Coil DTC Cylinders

Oso Delta Twin Coil DTC Cylinders
Oso Delta Twincoil Cylinder series is the most efficient solar thermal cylinder available, uitilising unique Vacuum Panel Insulation enabling ErP B-rated cylinders available from 200 - 300 L. Oso Delta boasts 30 - 50% higher efficiency than rivals, translating into direct SAP gains. Oso Delta series can save enough energy to pay for the entire cylinder over its lifetime. Oso Delta has holiday and anti-legionalla finctionality.

The Oso Delta Twincoil Cylinder DTC is ideal for domestic hot water production from solar collectors up to 12 m² in combination with boilers, with the smooth piped, scale-resistant heating coil.
Oso Delta Twincoil Cylinder is the most efficient solar cylinder available and can provide up to 60 % of annual DHW requirements from solar collectors. Oso Delta Twincoil Cylinder uses a high performance fully flooded design, with separate expansion vessel, and an ultra-grade INCOTEC immersion heater as booster (or back-up) between the heating coils. A complete set of inlet control valves comes standard. The DTC units can be controlled either via its own digital thermostat or using thermistor probe(s). The Oso Delta Twincoil Cylinder is compatible with both S & Y plan systems, displays the water temperature and offers holiday and anti-legionella modes.

• Reduce heat loss by 400 kWh* / year with NANOPUR and VIP*
• Hot water from alternative energy sources for ultimate flexibility
• 25 year warranty on the stainless steel pressure tank
* Compared to 200 L cylinder with EPS insulation
• Supported by BIM, see more by clicking BIM here

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