DQ Elec Install Option with MOA IR Thermostatic Element

DQ Elec Install Option with MOA IR Thermostatic Element
MOA IR Thermostatic Heating Element

Optional infrared remote control (IPX5 Rated)

If you require your DQ Towel Rail to be completely independent from your heating system there is the electric option. The towel rail is filled with a mixture of water and glycol, before the installation of the heating element which controls the temperature of the towel rail.

Please Note: This product can only be supplied when purchased with a compatible DQ Towel Rail as it will be pre-installed prior to dispatch.

FUNCTIONALITY The MOA offers 5 temperature settings ranging from 30°C to 60°C. It is equipped with an electronic temperature sensor that guarantees precise temperature control. The MOA displays the currently set temperature level and the status of the heating cycle using an LED indicator. The heating element has a very low power consumption in a standby mode.

DRYER FUNCTION This function allows the setting of a higher heating power for two hours, after which the device returns to the previous state.

OPTIONAL REMOTE CONTROL The heating element communicates wirelessly via IR with a wall controller that improves user experience with additional functions.

INTELLIGENT BUILDING SYSTEMS In the event of a power failure the MOA remembers its previous settings therefore making it suitable for connection to external timers and intelligent building systems.

SAFETY The MOA is equipped with ‘frost’ protection (ANTIFREEZE). It also has a double protection against overheating of the radiator and displays a warning in case of malfunction It has an active safety feature in case of operation in a dry radiator.

DESIGN The MOA is supplied with a straight cable without a plug.

COLOUR Available colours: white and Chrome.
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