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Unvented Indirect Hot Water Cylinders Complete With Accumulator

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The Dualstream utilises all the benefits of traditional unvented cylinders with standard controls; temperature/pressure relief valve, expansion relief valve and pressure reducing valve set at 3.5 bar.

The system also uses an accumulator vessel, this stores mains water at the main pressure in a special butyl diaphragm, and is the driving force to the hot/cold supplies.

The water pressure is balanced by air pressure between the accumulator wall and diaphragm. When any tap or shower is turned on, the stored water from the accumulator will supplement water from the incoming main.

If the accumulator is sized correctly, it will allow any number of baths or showers to be used simultaneously, irrespective of the incoming main flow rate and will function even if the mains are turned off, regardless of the mains water pressure. Dualstream systems can be sited close together or remote from each other offering flexibility in installation.