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Telford Tempest Twin Coil Unvented Cylinders

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Unvented systems are enjoying universal popularity compared with the open vented systems which are fed from cold water storage tanks generally fitted in the roof space.

Manufactured in the UK by Telford, these stainless steel unvented cylinders have been specially designed for the British housing market. They are easy to install with inline connections and supplied with all necessary controls.

The stainless steel vessel carries a lifetime guarantee against faulty manufacture or materials. The immersion heater, water control valves, cylinder thermostat and energy cut out valves are guaranteed for two years.

Both the direct and indirect Tornado Stainless and Tempest Stainless mains pressure cylinders can be used in conjunction with radiator, underfloor or solar heating systems, or a mixture of all three, (a twin coil version is available for either solar heating or underfloor heating applications).