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Range Tribune Twin Coil Unvented Cylinders

More Information

>Duplex stainless steel for ultimate peace of mind
>Fully transferable 25 year guarantee
>High flow-rate controls - ideal for multiple bathrooms & power showering
>Fast reheat and high insulation values resulting in high efficiency
>A Complete package - just add pipework

Range Twin Coil Tribune Hot Water Cylinders can be used in various ways:

1) To couple two different boilers up to the Tribune
2) For systems with solar heating. Solar heat is fed in via the lower coil.
3) To give very quick reheat times. Plumb both coils up in parallel. Reheat time will be approximately half but boiler power required double


It is a requirement of building regulations that any such heat source connected to an Unvented cylinder (such as Tribune) be under full thermostatic control and are able to turn themselves COMPLETELY off

As a result you cannot connect an Aga or a solid fuel stove to a Tribune.