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Oso Solarcyl Twin Coil Unvented Cylinders

More Information

The Oso Solarcyl is a "ClearSkies" approved twin coil stainless steel unvented hot water cylinder. The cylinder is designed to be used with solar panels but is also ideal for use in properties with two different controllable boilers.

The Oso Solarcyl incorporates two separate heating coils in the base and middle of the cylinder. The principle source of heat should be connected to the lower coil and the back-up heat source to the upper coil. The cylinder is fitted with bosses to accommodate solar sensor pockets to enable correct heat control on a solar system.

The Oso Solarcyl is available in three capacities of 210, 250 and 330 litres. The units can be adapted if necessary to contain 250, 300 and 380 litres respectively by the addition of a separate expansion vessel and removal of the hot water dip pipe.