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Heatmiser Neo Kits and Controls

More Information

Heatmiser Neo has been designed to offer the very best way to control your heating & hot water from anywhere.

Heatmiser Neo is mains powered so replaces your existing wired thermostat which means there are no batteries to worry about. NeoStats communicate between each other via a mesh network, resulting in a much more reliable and far reaching network than a standard RF System.

Heatmiser Neo can support up to 32 zones and we don't just mean that you can control each room independently. We designed Neo to be easy to use by providing Global features that offer complete and flexible control of your heating system. Features such as the ability to switch the entire home into Away mode, a feature that will reduce the temperature in all of your rooms or perhaps the temperature hold feature that enables you to apply a temperature in a select number of rooms for an hour or two - perfect for when you have guests staying late.

The firmware in Neo is automatically updated so you can always be sure your system will be up to date with all the new features as soon as they become available.