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Gledhill Torrent ECO OV Main Pressure Thermal Store Cylinder

Gledhill Torrent ECO OV Main Pressure Thermal Store Cylinder
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 Gledhill Torrent ECO OV Main Pressure Thermal Store Cylinder

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Helpline: 01452 543776

The Gledhill Torrent ECO OV thermal store replaces the Gledhill Torrent Grennheat OV cylinder and provides the perfect solution to a homes heating and hot water requirements. It has more options than any other thermal store cylinder and is designed to reduce heating costs by offering complete flexibility for householders to use multiple energy sources.

The Gledhill Torrent ECO is manufactured from copper, by trained coppersmiths, within Gledhills UK manufacturing depots. This provides the flexibility to specifically design the thermal store to suit their own requirements, allowing the homeowner to maximise the available heat sources, whether they are traditional boilers or electric immersions, or the growing popularity of alternative energy fuel sources. The cylinder is open vented, enabling uncontrolled heat sources such as woodburning stoves to be used. Please note if you are using this product with an uncontrolled heat source please select one of the copper F&E tank options.

Provides mains pressure hot water
Benefit for both heating and hot water
No annual maintenance or safety check requirement
No discharge pipework
No risk of legionella
Inherently safe being an open vented cylinder
No G3 qualification requirement for installation

With the new Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive for hot water cylinders in mind, the new Torrent ECO range has not only improved the benefits of the Torrent, but also added some fantastic new features to provide the home owner an immensely energy efficient thermal store:

Energy saving with a high efficiency ErP ready pump.
Flow sensor providing a 75% reduction of hot water response times.
Improved PCB and software.
Higher store temperatures can be utilised, providing greater benefit from solid fuel inputs.
Secondary return functionality (optional kit available if required)

Description Height (mm) Diameter (mm) Volume Max Flow Rate Maximum Dwelling Type
TEC140-OV 1219mm 535mm 140L 35 1 Bath, 1-2 Bed,
TEC170-OV 1449mm 535mm 170L 35 1 Bath, 1 Shower, 2-4 Bed,
TEC210-OV 1414mm 585mm 210L 35 2 Bath, 1 Shower, 3-4 Bed,
TEC250-OV 1654mm 585mm 250L 35 2 Bath, 2 Shower, 3-5 Bed,
TEC350-OV 1874mm 636mm 350L 35 3 Bath, 2 Shower, 3-5 Bed,
Please note the diagrams shown include optional extra components.
Additional height for feed and expansion tank will need to be allowed if it is to be sited in the same cupboard.
Vent pipes shown through the side of the feed and expansion tank may not be suitable for all systems. Installers must check suitability.
The standard open vented store relies on a feed and expansion tank suitably sited above the highest radiator point to provide sufficient head for the system.
The feed and expansion tank must be sized to take the water expansion of the whole system (ie. solid fuel boiler, cylinder, open flue boiler and auxiliary heating).
For solid fuel applications, copper feed and expansion tanks are available as an optional extra at the time of order.

UK Delivery:
Delivery times vary from the next day to usually within 10 days - dependant on the product. All orders should be completed within 30 days. However, a few special order items may be in excess of 30 days and lead times for these product ranges are quoted on our online catalogue for your information.

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