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Gledhill Torrent ECO HP SOL Heat Pump and Solar Therm Store Cylinders

Gledhill Torrent ECO HP SOL Heat Pump and Solar Therm Store Cylinders
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 Gledhill Torrent ECO HP SOL Heat Pump and Solar Therm Store Cylinders

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The Gledhill Torrent ECO HP SOL Cylinder combines all the benefits of the Torrent ECO HP whilst allowing the combination of heat pump, solar energy and wood burning stove in the same system, making what must be the ultimate alternative energy cylinder.

The main difference when using a heat pump compared to a conventional boiler is the lower temperatures generated by the heat pump. This causes problems in conventional storage/unvented cylinders with low storage temperatures. This can lead to health problems such as legionella and unacceptable hot water delivery temperatures, which are not helped by the further heat losses that occur due to the need for a primary heat exchanger/coil.

For these reasons it is necessary to constantly boost the hot water temperature using electricity to meet the Regulations regarding the quality and suitability of the hot water being delivered. With a Gledhill Torrent ECO there are no health issues because the hot water is heated indirectly via the plate heat exchanger and the lack of a heat exchanger/coil for the heat pump means that the full output is delivered directly to the thermal store. Both of which ensure that less boost is required to achieve an acceptable hot water temperature at the tap.

In fact, the ease with which renewable energy systems, such as wood burning stoves, can be connected to a Gledhill Torrent ECO thermal store means that these are often chosen to provide the boost rather than electricity.

The low temperatures delivered by the heat pump also mean that the radiators need to be sized to take account of this or an underfloor heating system that operates at the temperatures that can be achieved by the heat pump should be used.

With the new Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive for hot water cylinders in mind, the new Torrent ECO range has not only improved the benefits of the Torrent, but also added some fantastic new features to provide the home owner an immensely energy efficient thermal store:

Energy saving with a high efficiency ErP ready pump.
Flow sensor providing a 75% reduction of hot water response times.
Improved PCB and software.
Description Height (mm) Diameter (mm) Volume Max Flow Rate Maximum Dwelling Type
TEC210-HPSOL 1414mm 585mm 210L 15 1 Bath, 1 Shower, 2-3 Bed,
TEC250-HPSOL 1654mm 585mm 250L 15 1 Bath, 2 Shower, 2-3 Bed,
TEC350-HPSOL 1874mm 636mm 350L 15 2 Bath, 1 Shower, 3-4 Bed,
TEC450-HPSOL 1764mm 738mm 450L 15 2 Bath, 2 Shower, 3-4 Bed,
Please note the diagrams shown include optional extra components.
The suggested model sizes in the selection chart are based on a store temperature of 75C. If the intention is that the heat pump will be used to provide the majority of the hot water with minimum boost from another heat source then consideration should be given to choosing a larger model of Torrent ECO HP SOL appliance. See table 1b in the Design Installation and Servicing Instructions for equivalent volumes at different charge temperatures.
If the immersion heater is to be used as the hot water boost a suitable control system should be installed to ensure that the heat pump has fully charged the appliance before the boost immersion heater is allowed to operate. This will ensure the most efficient and cost effective use of the system.
Additional height for feed and expansion tank will need to be allowed if it is to be sited in the same cupboard.
The feed and expansion tank must be sized to take the water expansion of the whole system (ie. solid fuel boiler, cylinder, open flue boiler and auxiliary heating).
The feed and expansion tank is not supplied as standard with the unit, but is available as an optional extra at the time of order.
For solid fuel applications, copper feed and expansion tanks are available as an optional extra at the time of order.

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