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3C Single Skin Oil Tanks

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3C Tanks will surpass your requirements for domestic, agricultural and commercial premises.3C tanks include stand-alone diesel dispensing tanks for your farm or a domestic oil tank for your home. With tank sizes available ranging from 1200 litres to 6800 litres, 3C Tanks can provide you with a high quality, cost effective and well-designed solution.

All of the 3C product range are manufactured in the UK to stringent quality standards within their ISO9001 and ISO14001 approved factory.

Do you need to change your old domestic oil tank?
Many older oil fuelled domestic boilers will be drawing oil from a steel tank. Eventually, due to corrosion, these tanks need replacing. Why not consider upgrading to a bunded plastic oil tank from 3C Tanks? All 3C bunded tanks come with a 12 year warranty as standard.

A few advantages to installing a plastic tank:

- Plastic tanks are lighter and more manoeuvrable than steel tanks, meaning there is no need to hire lifting equipment during installation.
- Plastic tanks do not corrode. With occasional cleaning and yearly inspections your plastic tank will provide many years of reliable service.
- Plastic tanks provide better resistance to impact, with the ability to deform and return to their original shape.
- Plastic tanks require little maintenance. As with all tanks, regular inspections are recommended but you can - Forget the paint brush! Plastic tanks do not require regular painting like steel tanks.
- Plastic tanks can be installed straight on a base on the ground without the need to construct unsightly piers. This means installation costs are considerably lower. With the use of the Tiger Loop and Top Off-take they can even be installed well below the boiler level.